Our Unique Atmosphere

The Mesivta fosters a warm and welcoming environment where the focus is on each student as a unique individual. The Torah’s mandate, “ושננתם לבניך - You shall teach your sons,” serves as our guide. As the Medrash explains, “לבניך” refers to one’s students. The Medrash continues: just as students are referred to as sons, so too, the Rebbe is called a father. Each Rebbe provides every one of his talmidim with individual care and attention.
The combination of high level shiurim and close relationships with their Rebbeim empower our bachurim to strive to reach their maximum potential.
Enjoyable and uplifting Shabbos seudos are provided, along with memorable Friday night onegs and melaveh malkahs.

Our Goals

The Mesivta of North Jersey is located in Passaic, New Jersey. We have created an exemplary environment for serious bnei Torah. We are privileged to have the support and guidance of HaRav Meir Stern שליט"א, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Gedolah of Passaic.

The Mesivta of North Jersey’s faculty includes exceptional and outstanding Magidei Shiur. In addition to teaching Torah and developing in our talmidim a geshmak in learning and a derech halimud, the Hanhala and Rebbeim instill their talmidim with an understanding of the Torah perspective, middos tovos, and yiras shamayim. We strive to develop bnei Torah about whom it will be said, “How pleasant are their ways; how proper are their actions.” (מס' יומא דף פ"ו)
The Mesivta also provides a well-rounded General Studies program, equipping our talmidim with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed.

                                                        Our Mission

The yeshiva’s mission is to perpetuate Torah as transmitted to us by our illustrious Rebbeim, Roshei Yeshiva, and parents, along with the mesorah and middos they imparted.


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